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By Jan Tinsley | PowWow

we’ve been shaken and stirred!

In our lifetime, it’s unlikely that we’ve faced such challenges and such changes.  It’s unlikely that anything has affected the whole planet in the way this global economic crash and global pandemic has done. The story so far is our very own version of War of the Worlds, with an invisible enemy and far reaching effects on many levels.

Yet as a human race we still have perseverance and resilience as we demonstrate hope for our future survival and even inspiration on an epic scale. History has taught us that we seem to be able to draw on certain behaviours and mindsets that will ensure our recovery, no matter how shaken or stirred we might be.

And at a time like this it is worth reminding ourselves that we have more control than we think to make a difference.  Maybe not to the whole world but certainly to the part of the world that we can influence. And at a time like this I’m proud to introduce PowWow.  A place to Talk, Learn and Grow and spend time with people who want to do the same.

Welcome to PowWow and all that it stands for. In essence this is:-

Positivity Optimism Wisdom Wellbeing Opportunity and Wonder!

Here are some ideas on why you might want to engage with some of the musings, news, courses, workshops and one-to-ones offered on this site. These ideas could form an outline of how you might want to show up in the world right now with confidence, authenticity, imagination and fun.


Keep learning and growing.  It doesn’t have to be an MBA. Read, attend workshops, listen to podcasts, contribute to conversation and worthwhile debate, challenge old beliefs, improve.  Master awareness of where you are now and how you might need to change for the future.  How you might need to let go of the past and Talk, Learn and Grow.

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One of the most powerful core skills is understanding and using effective communication.  Outside of fundamental literary and grammar proficiency in language, nothing comes close to any technique, strategy or method for mastering communication than NLP (in my opinion!) That’s Neuro Linguistic Programming. If I had to choose only one additional skill that my children or grandchildren could learn, it would be NLP. NLP is how we make sense of the world.  It’s the software manual of the brain. It’s how we think, communicate and how we change. 

Check out the courses available which include short workshops, longer learnings, certification and even a FREE introductory workshop


As ever, true happiness and success can only come from being your authentic self.  Discovering who that is, is one of life’s rich challenges and a work-in-progress forever, as we grow and change. Being confident in expressing and presenting yourself, both in person and now online, is a skill that can be learned in terms of performance as well as digital know how. How you show up is under your control.  Be confident about who you are and learn to present yourself accurately and professionally in person. And on line, as one of the coaches warned me, if you’re not properly ‘presented’ there, it would be like turning up to an interview in the Emperor’s new clothes!

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Cultivate Optimism

Generally speaking, Optimists expect good outcomes, even when things are hard.  Pessimists expect bad outcomes even when things aren’t so hard! Interestingly and perhaps unsurprisingly, many studies have found that outcomes are ACTUALLY better for Optimists. In areas such as students entering college, survivors of missile attacks, people in Caring roles, women dealing with childbirth and patients having invasive surgery; studies show that optimism relates to greater wellbeing, better post-operative recovery, lower depression, higher quality of life and resilience against distress following trauma.  People who are doubtful about the future can give up in adversity, whereas Optimists will continue trying. In general, Optimists can cope better and respond to difficulty or adversity in more adaptive ways. This is why as part of PowWow, we commit to pragmatic positivity and optimism.

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Managing our time, or rather our activities, is one of the most important things we can do to achieve calm and balance as well as productivity. After all, time is finite. It’s non- negotiable. We all have the same amount each day.  Using organisers, logs, trackers, decluttering our inbox and creating good habits are some ways we can make the most of our time.  Other thoughts align with keeping focussed on our goals and as I heard it said recently, ‘outsourcing and leveraging like a lunatic!’ In other words, delegate all sorts of things where you value your time more than the cost of the exercise you want to delegate. Cleaning, shopping, laundry etc are obvious choices but so are help in other areas especially if you are self-employed.  Our attachment to our smart phones has been proven to be wasting hours and hours.  With constant beeps, buzzes and whirrs, it steals our attention, distracts our concentration and implores us to work on other people’s bucket lists and goals, rather than our own. We learn to become more efficient with time when we learn to stay focussed on what we want to achieve.  

We’ll soon be introducing some workshops to help with this important area of life. In the meantime, having a personal coach is one way to start your journey and secure accountability, support and knowledge.


We live in a time of great scientific advancements.  It is quite possible that many more of us will become centenarians. Sadly it’s what we do to our bodies that interferes with its natural ability to survive much longer than we currently expect. There is much information to help us improve our Physical and Mental Wellbeing and many ways we can take control. We can stay physically vibrant and strong and mentally well and able. Simple practices (simple, not necessarily easy!) mean that we can maintain a healthy weight, foster flexibility and fitness as well as keeping our minds active yet calm, curious and creative. Sleep, nutrition, meditation, mindfulness and exercise all need our attention and help with mental wellbeing is now one of the top resources sought after by individuals and businesses as we cope with change and challenge.

Check out the experts on this site and ask for information that you feel would help you right now or ask for help with specific issues. All coaches are contactable.


Who you spend time with matters – A LOT! In books on business it’s interesting how this has been recognised at so many levels. In the ‘Book of Wealth’ by Hubert Howe Bancroft written in the 1890’s the stand out resource for the entrepreneurs featured, was the people they surrounded themselves with. In ‘Think and Grow Rich’ Napolean Hill endorses the power of your Mastermind group. The saying ‘you bring about what you think about’ can easily be translated across to a personal level with ‘You bring about (become) who you spend time with!’  So spend time with people who will inspire you, motivate you and encourage you.

Surround yourself with people who are keen to invest in themselves and will encourage you to do the same.  Keep learning – without guilt and with pride.  If you think education is expensive – try ignorance! Often learning is FREE anyway (check out the FREE material on this site) it only needs the investment of your time. The more you learn, the more you realise there is to learn!

Welcome to PowWow. 
Talk. Learn. Grow!

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