3 Top Tips To Develop Executive Presence

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By Louise Beckett | Speak Out!

Our thoughts speak! How we look and how we sound is influenced by what we think. All of this contributes to the impression we make on others and whether or not we are perceived to have Executive Presence.

Executive Presence is an essential component to effective communication, which in turn leads to improved engagement and better numbers, so this is important stuff!

We can all develop Executive Presence and be seen to be Confident, Credible, Composed.

These Top 3 Tips will help:

# Tip 1 – Be Confident

Schedule Quiet Time in your calendar every day and throughout the day. Be still and be silent, notice your breath in and your breath out, listen to what’s around you and within you. Sit upright, feet grounded flat on the floor, crown of the head lifting up to the sky, back long, neck long, shoulders wide .. Let your breath be your friend and gently sigh away any tension or negativity on a long out breath.

Practise listening to what’s outside of you in your quiet time, all the time while you’re breathing.

You can experiment with sound and sigh the breath out on a yawn, then practise speaking on the out breath (rather than a held breath) Notice how gently making sound on the out breath helps to build a feeling of self confidence.

# Tip 2 – Be Credible

Before any meeting ask yourself ‘What do I want to achieve in this meeting?’

Prepare for the meeting to make it a good use of your time, and everyone else’s!

If you’re making a presentation, as part of your preparation ask yourself:

What do I want people to think as I speak?
What do I want people to feel as I speak?
What do I want people to do after I have spoken?

How does what you have to say meet the needs of your listeners?

Know your audience and put your attention out, away from you, onto them

While you’re speaking be sure to check their understanding by asking questions and looking at their body language, because listening is difficult!

# Tip 3 – Be Composed

Regularly throughout the day and before any meeting think as you breathe in:

“I am (hold the breath for a moment) then breathe all the breath out as you think:

 Relaxed” .. letting all the breath go on the outbreath, with a smile.

Practise self care and really care for your audience. Listen to them and help them listen to you.

Remember listening can be difficult and effective communication is a 2-way process!

Know that Executive Presence is powerful and will help you to help others.


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