The Platinum Membership

including an amazing Personal Wellbeing Support Programme for only £45 per year!

Under the Platinum Membership, you will receive:

  • Your PowWow membership and monthly online meetings
  • Access to free content and taster programmes
  • Additional bespoke offers

The following benefits in the Personal Support Programme, delivered by Pinnacle Wellbeing Services :-

  • Dedicated Freephone 24/7 advice line
  • Counselling and Advice Line – offering Health and Wellbeing advice and support
  • Individual Face to Face (online) Counselling Sessions (up to 6 per year)
  • GP Consultations Service – online and telephone
  • Additional Consultation Services including mediation, mental and physical health training, H&S training
  • Online Resources eg CBT workbooks
  • Legal, Finance and Debt information
  • Carer support Advice Helpline

And there's more...​

In addition, as part of your PowWow Platinum Membership, each year you will also have access to other Health and Wellbeing initiatives. This year these include:

One 20 minute Fitness and Nutritional Well-being Health Screen, either online or by phone, with Alice Ashe, Registered Nutritionist and Trainer. Alice will chat through any questions or concerns with your health and physical wellbeing, fitness and diet, and discuss personal goals, with options on continued support and recommendations going forward.

A month’s free subscription to trial the Morning Gorgeous meditation platform. Confidence is built like a muscle, not with huge changes, but small adjustments that are repeated consistently. The Morning Gorgeous Meditation uses the power of the subconscious mind, not just as a tool for relaxation but for high performance in life. The meditation platform gives you access to multiple daily meditations and also content around how best to use them to achieve peak performance. With your PowWow Platinum membership, Rhian O’Leary is offering a month’s free subscription to this meditation platform to trial Morning Gorgeous, which focuses on using deeper brainwave states in order to strengthen the subconscious mind. 

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Platinum Membership (which includes PowWow benefits AND the Personal Support Programme) is available for just £45 per year! Yes, per YEAR! That’s less than a pound per week!

"It is your responsibility to make sure that positive thoughts, words and emotions constitute the dominating influence of your mind" Napoleon Hill