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About Us - Our Positive message

PowWow has grown out of our group formerly known as Positively Isle of Man. We have adhered to the over-riding principles of:

  • Stop Moaning and Complaining
  • Start using a Positive Attitude
  • Focus on What You Want and
  • Make Good Things Happen!

What you think about you bring about. So we encourage thinking positively! We agree that who you spend time with matters……A LOT! We can all relate to this sentiment. We know the feeling of being in the company of moaners and complainers. The nay-sayers. The glass half empty people. And we all know how draining and debilitating this can be. So we decided that we needed to be with some people who would commit to being positive and create some POSITIVE ENERGY in and around our work, business, relationships and most of all our LIFE! Over the past four years we have discussed topics for business and personal growth and reviewed books that deliver meaningful and poignant messages. Our amazing and inspirational Guests have shared what has worked for them. We’ve uncovered their success secrets, a model they used, a path to follow, or a strategy to embrace. We heard from those who had achieved their dreams, so we could replicate ideas. Some lost their way at some point and we shared these lessons too.

We are Growing

So out of this Positive experience, and still embracing our monthly get-togethers, we are moving on to provide a space where anyone can tap in to some real learning. Not the sort of learning that you had in school or further education. Not the sort that you’d gain in your professional career or at work. But real learning about:

  • Yourself – how to walk your talk and talk your walk.
  • Relationships – personal and business and how we need to understand at a deep level
  •  in order to communicate accurately, compassionately and effectively.
  • Outcomes – knowing and getting what you want or need in business and personally.
  • Flexibility – how we can change what’s not working at every level.

And the space for this is:

Access to PowWow will be online and where possible, we would like to meet and deliver courses in person and enjoy the unity and magic of connecting together. Our online and live meetings, workshops, seminars and Table Talks will mean you can access all manner of Growth opportunities through the amazing people on the PowWow Platform.

Cultivate Optimism

Generally speaking, Optimists expect good outcomes, even when things are hard. Pessimists expect bad outcomes even when things aren’t so hard! Interestingly and perhaps unsurprisingly, many studies have found that outcomes are ACTUALLY better for Optimists. In areas such as students entering college, survivors of missile attacks, people in Caring roles, women dealing with childbirth and patients having invasive surgery; studies show that optimism relates to greater wellbeing, better post-operative recovery, lower depression, higher quality of life and resilience against distress following trauma. People who are doubtful about the future can give up in adversity, whereas Optimists will continue trying. In general, Optimists can cope better and respond to difficulty or adversity in more adaptive ways. This is why as part of PowWow, we commit to pragmatic positivity and optimism.

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Membership for now is FREE OF CHARGE. By the end of 2020 we hope to introduce some other membership options where we will offer some inclusive benefits and at some point in the future, a physical space to meet in person.

Please sign up today to access the Members Area and find out more about:

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Our Code of Conduct ensures we embrace
Positivity, Optimism, Wisdom, Wellbeing, Opportunity, Wonder!

"It is your responsibility to make sure that positive thoughts, words and emotions constitute the dominating influence of your mind" Napoleon Hill