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Performance Coaching for Life & Leadership Development

Business is theatre! Shakespeare famously said “All the World’s a Stage” and Speak Out is dedicated to helping non-actors to find their meaning and perform at their best. 

Through experiential learning and coaching our behaviour change programmes in the areas of Communication, Leadership and Teams are informed by the latest neuroscience research, fired by creativity, humanity and the performing arts.

Our aim is to unlock potential, imagination, passion and effectiveness in individuals, and through them benefit the organisation.

People create change and the need for leadership and effective communication at all levels in organisations has never been greater.

Speak Out is led by Louise Beckett one of the first actors in the UK to introduce performance techniques from theatre to the corporate world in London almost 30 years ago! Louise works with executives worldwide, including at board level. She is experienced coaching CEOs for high stakes presentations to the city and media and is currently interested in developing effective ways to ‘bridge the communication gap’ between senior and middle managers in organisations. Louise holds an MA in Actor Training & Coaching from Royal Central School of Speech & Drama, she is a Registered Analytic-Network Coach, an associate executive coach with Keary Harper LLP in London W1 and a member of the ICF.

Speak Out Courses currently delivered on Zoom
Bespoke programmes can be designed for specific needs and delivered in person as required.

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"It is your responsibility to make sure that positive thoughts, words and emotions constitute the dominating influence of your mind" Napoleon Hill