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Jan Tinsley

Coach: Jan Tinsley
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PowWow Host

Jan is a business woman, entrepreneur, lifelong learner and NLP Master Practitioner and Coach.  With help, encouragement, guidance and structure, she believes we are all capable of growing from where ever we find ourselves now.

Her passion for the future is to create PowWow as a space for people to TALK, LEARN and GROW.   In her role as facilitator, co-ordinator and connector she wants to introduce you to inspirational Coaches and Mentors and engage your willingness to use effort and take action. By sharing her love of learning, knowledge and extensive experience with you, PowWow will become that space to evolve and expand in a positive and optimistic environment. The core of PowWow remains a regular monthly meeting where you can engage with a supportive community of like-minded people and talk, learn new things and grow as individuals and in business.

Life in Business

  • Jan has been in business most of her working life, as a co-founder and co-owner, in Hospitality, Financial Services, Dental Services, Retail Manufacturing and Property Development. One failure early on provided invaluable experience. Fortunately, future successes provided learning and growth – both personal and business.
  • Surviving two financial recessions, in the 80’s and in 2008, she has first-hand experience of how resilience and flexibility are essential ingredients in businesses of any type.
  • The main financial success was in the exit of one venture but the most satisfying success, and happiest times, she says, were in the development of people in the team. Her motto – ‘Recruit Attitude, Train the Rest’ helped to cement her belief and passion for personal development and growth for everyone.

Developing PowWow

  • Business Growth. Whether it’s a start-up or an existing business, teams can learn new skills, improve, sharpen, reinvent and grow. Instilling a positive and growth mindset is fundamental to the wellbeing of the team and the success of the business.
  • Personal Growth. Lifelong learning may sound corny but it’s more important than ever right now. We have to learn, adapt and grow with investment in ourselves as well as others. By sharing her positive and optimistic attitude, together with business and marketing skills, she introduces personal growth opportunities in the context of work, business and life.  By uncovering the confidence, competence and congruence that’s already there and adding accountability and action, we can grow as human beings. Supporting each other and providing an environment with access to Coaches and Mentors, means we don’t have to do this alone.   

Jan hosts the monthly meetings and will host some short courses, workshops and ‘Table Talks’.


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"It is your responsibility to make sure that positive thoughts, words and emotions constitute the dominating influence of your mind" Napoleon Hill